5 Ways Butch’s Propane Delivery Has Your Back

July 5, 2022

Convenience and cost-effectiveness are huge draws to propane use for your home heater, appliances, and more, and never more so than with Butch’s Propane. Our customer-centered methods make sure you’re always fueled and ready to use your propane whenever you need it.

A key aspect of our convenience is propane delivery on your terms and when you need it. Whether you use a little or a lot of propane, Butch’s Propane has you covered. Let us show you how.

1. Always enough

Running low on propane may only be an inconvenience in the summer months, but it can quickly turn dangerous if you’re unable to heat your home on the coldest winter nights.

It can be often overlooked, but running low on propane can also risk your tank’s safety. Propane is actually stored under pressure as a liquid and only depressurizes into a gas when it’s distributed to your appliances for use, but if the tank gets too low – around 20% capacity – it can also start to depressurize. The sudden change in pressure increases the risk of leaks (that characteristic “rotten egg” smell) as well as internal tank rusting, fires, and even explosions.

Keeping a regular or semi-regular schedule of propane deliveries based on your typical needs preempts these risks, and maintains safe fuel levels at all times – and you’ll never run out.

2. Convenient Maintenance

Maintaining a schedule for propane deliveries with Butch’s Propane also gives our technicians every opportunity to look over your tank and system, quickly diagnosing and addressing any issues. While propane is considered safer than many other fossil fuel-adjacent energy sources, it can still pose some risks if your tank, lines, and appliances aren’t properly maintained. Just as you would regularly see a doctor for a standard check-up, delivery service give our “propane doctors” a chance to perform regular check-ups.

3. Reliable Pricing

Propane, like any other consumer good, is still unfortunately at the whim of supply and demand principles and supply chain disruptions, but scheduling deliveries on a Butch’s Propane plan can offer some consistency over a period of time, making propane more affordable for your family in the long run.

You can work out monthly and yearly budgets, factoring in propane costs, and with reliable confidence that your energy costs will remain consistent with your usage.

4. Flexibility

Modern life, in all its complexity, gives you enough things to worry about – don’t let your propane levels pile onto the stress. As your propane gets low, you can schedule deliveries that work around your family’s own schedule and lifestyle. Your propane deliveries can be automatic, around the same time each month or quarter, or they can be on an on-call basis if you choose to keep tabs on your propane levels (or defer to our wireless propane monitoring system, that alerts us when your tank gets low).

5. Consistent Safety

While safer than many other fuel sources, propane is still a combustible fuel and, as such, safety is paramount. A key aspect of propane safety is never letting your tank run too low, which regular deliveries can help with. Keep your tank topped off and you never have to worry about an unsafe, low-volume tank!

Additionally, there’s something to be said for consistency – a supplier like Butch’s Propane can become familiar with your system and your propane uses and needs, and can monitor your system’s safety accordingly.

Call Butch’s Propane today at 605-857-1111 for more information and to learn how propane deliveries can make life easier for you and your family!

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