Fuel Your Farm with Propane

July 5, 2022

Modern farming, whether family operated or commercial farming, is a fuel-intensive endeavor. Whatever your crop, acreage, or methods, farm equipment needs some form of fuel to run, and propane gas is a great way to power many of your farming implements. With Butch’s Propane, you can maintain a constant supply of clean-burning, efficient propane and never be found without the fuel you need.

Butch’s Propane can help power your farm in several ways, depending on the equipment used. Propane can even be a great reason to invest in propane-fueled farm equipment for the long-term cost and environmental benefits it poses.


Just as propane is a great fuel source for in-home climate control, propane can also be used on farms for heating:

  • Livestock barns
  • Poultry shelters
  • Storage buildings
  • Greenhouses
  • And more

Whatever spaces or structures you need actively warmed on your farm – and depending on your crop or livestock that could be any number of different things – propane is an ideal fuel source.


Modern irrigation engines can be purchased or retrofit to run on propane rather than farm diesel fuel. And a good thing, too, as propane’s relative efficiency means you can fuel the same miles of active irrigation for half the cost and an even more dramatic fraction of greenhouse emissions, making your farm safer on the small scale and more environmentally friendly overall.


Propane can also serve as a fuel source for farm tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, and other commonly used farm equipment more efficiently and for a lower cost than diesel-fueled equivalents, representing a potential 10% cost savings. Propane also burns cleaner, with fewer immediate byproducts in addition to fewer emissions, giving your farm equipment a longer lifespan and requiring less intensive maintenance over time.

Crop Drying

Many crops – especially soybeans and grains like corn, wheat, and rice – need to be dried before going to market for longevity and quality control. Removing excess moisture from harvested crops requires massive amounts of heat, for which propane-burning heaters can be a reliable, effective, and efficient source.

By using Butch’s propane, you’re not only upgrading your farm to a more efficient, clean-burning, and environmentally friendly fuel source – you’re also supporting American-made propane products, furthering the goal of American energy independence even while reducing your reliance on local power grids.

Propane is also an ideal fuel source for farms, which generally reside in rural areas. Should any issues arise with traditional power to your farm, or especially if you find your farm needing new or upgraded electrical lines, the cost can quickly rise. Remoteness and demand are both key factors in this dynamic, but also factors for which propane has little regard.

Propane is stored in tanks on your property, so it’s always available when you need it. Additionally, Butch’s Propane can refill your tank(s) as soon as they start getting low, no matter how remote your property is, guaranteeing that your primary fuel source is always there when you need it.

To learn more about Butch’s Propane and agricultural propane services, call us at 605-857-1111 and we’ll get you on the path to clean, reliable farm energy independence in no time. Serving Ponca, Obert, Cheyenne and surrounding areas.

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