How Much Propane Will I Use During Summer?

July 28, 2022

Propane is for heating your home, right? Unless you live in the Alaskan wilderness, heating your home is probably the last thing on your mind during the summer.

Depending on what propane-fueled appliances your home uses, however, you may need more summertime propane than you might expect. When your propane bill comes in a little higher than expected during the summer, don’t jump to the conclusion that you must have a leak. Consider first some of these appliances and how much propane they use in gallons:

·         Average-sized Pool Heater: 4 gallons per hour

·         Gas cooktop/range: 5-20 gallons per month

·         Average propane grill (4 burners on medium): .75 gallons per hour

·         Tankless water heater: 1.5 gallons per day

·         Clothes dryer: <1 gallon per day in average usage

Sounds like a pretty great summer so far, no? As long as you like not-frigid pools, dry clothes, grilled hot dogs and burgers and warm showers, you’re likely to use more propane in the summer than you might have expected otherwise. Those gallons can add up quickly, and these are just figures for middle-of-the-road usage – larger pools, larger families, more loads of laundry and longer showers can all shift these numbers significantly.

Stay on top of your propane supply

Make sure you have fuel ready when you need it.

When you choose Butch’s Propane to service and refill your propane tank, we keep tabs on your tank levels with wireless OTO data monitors. When you run low, we’re ready and able to dispatch refill and service technicians, however remote your property may be.

Keep your systems serviced

Even in summer, your propane use could be higher than expected because your equipment isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. Even small leaks can make a difference, so whatever propane-fueled appliances your home is using, make sure you have them serviced regularly to keep them running efficiently and safely all year long. In fact, propane appliance service in preparation for summer can be a practical convenience – it can be harder to schedule service times later in the year as everyone else scrambles to ready their heaters and other gear for a cold fall and winter.

Call Butch’s Propane today at 605-857-1111 or explore our website to learn more about the services we provide, our service areas, and the basics of propane as a clean and efficient energy source for your home heater and other appliances. With propane, you can reduce your reliance on local power grids, run your home more affordably and efficiently, and reduce your impact on greenhouse gas emissions.


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