Propane: Clean Fuel for Your Home or Business

September 12, 2022

As global temperatures continue to rise and climate trends worsen, much public conversation has centered on environmentally friendly, clean energy sources for American homes and businesses.

While the discussion of truly renewable energy is a worthy cause, many Americans may not realize that a very clean energy source – much more environmentally friendly than fossil-fuel generated electricity – already exists! Join 14 million U.S. families who power their appliances and heat their homes with propane and become an important part of our ongoing effort to use clean energy sources.

A More Efficient, Cleaner Solution

Of course, propane is still a fossil fuel. Technically, it’s actually a byproduct of fossil fuel production. That said, burning propane as a fuel offers many efficiency and environmental benefits over other fossil fuels.

Propane has a lower overall carbon footprint compared to gasoline and petroleum diesel, emitting less carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (the infamous greenhouse gases) when burned for equivalent amounts of energy.

Additionally, propane has a much cleaner burn on the small scale of your home, producing virtually no smoke and nearly zero particulate matter (the little bits of burned material that get in your lungs and can cause cancer). As a final point in its efficiency favor, most propane sources – including Butch’s Propane – are approximately 90% efficient. In other words, nearly all energy generated by burning propane can be captured and used as energy for your heater or appliances. Compared to other energy sources, that’s remarkably efficient.

Why not use electricity?

You might think that electricity would be 100% efficient, and in a sense, you’d be right. It is for the end user, but that electricity has to come from somewhere. In truth, and for most communities in the U.S., the majority of electricity is generated by burning other less clean fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Simple electricity might seem like clean energy in the home, but until renewable energy makes great strides, propane is a great way to lessen your home’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

What can you power with propane?

Propane most commonly fuels home heaters, but many other appliances can run off of propane, including cooking ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters, fireplaces and outdoor firepits. In any case, a propane-equipped appliance is another chance to further boost your home’s energy efficiency with a clean, no-risk fuel source.

A bonus feature of propane appliances (and propane as a fuel source) is their reliability. Never again would you need to worry about losing heat, cooking ability, or hot water during a power grid outage, weather event, or other natural disaster. The value of peace of mind and reliability can’t be overstated.

Call Butch’s Propane today!

Butch’s Propane is committed to keeping your home propane tanks full and running 24/7, regardless of your home’s remoteness. We monitor your tank levels in real-time with wireless data monitors, letting us know to promptly send a technician when your propane is getting low.

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