Propane: Low Carbon, Low Waste, Low Cost

August 30, 2022

Propane offers a way to power your home heater – and many other frequently used appliances – in a way that reduces your carbon footprint and your personal costs.

The entire globe is simultaneously experiencing an energy and environmental health crisis right now, the outcomes of which will shape human lives for centuries to come. The rise of global industry and population has led us to unprecedented levels of greenhouse gas emissions, which clog the planet’s ability to let off excess heat.

What we do next is massively important, and as any environmental scientist will tell you, curbing emissions is an important first step. Most people naturally think of vehicles as an emission source. Of course, they are, but an often overlooked source of greenhouse gas emissions is the production of consumer electricity for homes and businesses.

Yes, electricity. It can be easy to forget, since electricity usage seems clean once it’s actually happening in your home, but remember the Law of Conservation of Energy from 4th grade science class: energy can’t be created or destroyed, only moved around.

All electricity we use comes from somewhere, and unfortunately that source is often burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, putting off massive amounts of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and more.

Fortunately, propane is an elegant solution that offers a way to more cleanly, more efficiently power your home.

Clean and Efficient

Propane is still a fossil fuel, or more appropriately a byproduct of fossil fuel refinement, so it’s not 100% “clean” energy. That said, many renewable energy sources are still in their infancy and are not available or affordable for many families. Propane offers a way forward that is more equitable, more accessible, and still cleaner than other fossil fuel sources.

Propane is 90% efficient, meaning nearly all energy created by burning it can be used to power appliances, compared to lower efficiencies for coal and natural gas.

Beyond a simple efficiency boost, propane is also considered cleaner than other fossil fuel sources. Propane as fuel produces no methane, one of the worst greenhouse gases, and produces substantially less carbon dioxide than other fuels.

Add in virtually no particulate matter (a known carcinogen) and low risk of toxicity to the surrounding environment, and you have a fuel source that is safer, cleaner, and more efficient than the gas sitting in your vehicle’s tank right now.


Propane also has the distinct advantage of independence from the electrical grid. Should the worst happen and storms or routine maintenance cause widespread power outages, you’ll still be able to cook food on your propane range or outdoor grill, as well as heating your home. Just remember that outdoor propane equipment is made specifically for that purpose and is not safe for indoor use.

Call Butch’s Propane today at 605-857-1111 to learn more about our residential and commercial propane services and our key service areas. Don’t worry if your home is remote and otherwise off-the-grid – such homes are our specialty, and we’ll still keep you supplied with propane year-round!

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