Propane Supply Uses for Oil Rigs and Fracs near Cheyenne, WY

November 11, 2022

How is American Propane Supply Used in Oil Fields, Fracs, and Rigs?

Propane is rapidly becoming one of the most commonly used commercial fuel sources in multiple industries. It is increasingly popular in various oil and gas applications, thanks to the cost savings of propane prices. Propane tanks are also incredibly easy to set up for a Butch’s Propane technician, and it’s easy to find a propane refill near your rig if you’re close to one of our convenient locations. Here are some of the top uses for propane in oil fields, rigs, and fracking throughout the Cheyenne, WY area, including Chugwater, Burns, Albin, and Pine Bluffs.

American Propane in Propane-powered Generators

Because it can be difficult to get electricity wired to a remote oil rig or fracking facility, the industry has learned to rely on fossil fuel-powered generators to power its equipment. Although it’s still common to use diesel generators to power drilling and fracking machinery, many in the oil and gas industry aren’t aware of how beneficial propane is as a fuel source.

It’s an excellent choice for powering the production phase because it’s a low carbon-emission fuel, and it saves a considerable amount of money. Typically, a number of wells are drilled, and the natural gas from each well is used to fuel production. But it’s a common occurrence that the gas is too moist to use at first, so an additional fuel source must be used to start the process, as well as to jump-start drilling when the natural gas is unusable. By blending propane with natural gas, you have a reliable, low-cost energy source. It can also be used to power offices, housing, and other structures necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

Propane Supply in Waterless Fracking

Typically, water is used to run hydraulic fracking processes, releasing crude oil from underground for extraction. Propane is more frequently being used as an alternative to water. This can help prevent groundwater from being contaminated by product. Water can be a great tool for fracking the deepest wells due to its ability to deliver high pressure and break the shale apart. But that level of pressure is unnecessary for most shales, and water becomes an excess expense. Using propane instead can save costs and improve production value for fracking.

Where Can I Find A Propane Refill Near Me?

Propane is a top-quality fuel source for numerous oil field applications. Plus, as an American-made fuel, you can rest assured that you’re supporting energy independence by using propane. Butch’s Propane offers propane refills, propane rentals, and propane tank installations to fuel your entire commercial drilling and fracking operation. Reach out to us today for a consultation, and we’ll meet all your energy needs in Cheyenne, WY, Burns, Albin, Chugwater, and Pine Bluffs.

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