Summer Propane Safety

July 14, 2022

It’s summertime! The last thing on your mind is your home’s heat source: propane. Still, propane is such a great fuel source for many home appliances that you likely use it year-round and more than you think. Water heaters, built-in grills, pool and hot tub heaters, clothes dryers and more can all use propane as a fuel source, so that tank remains essential all summer long.

Propane is one of the safest and most efficient ways you can fuel your heater and home appliances. It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected and to know the basics of propane safety and what to do in an emergency situation.

1. Know your off switch

Everyone in your home and able should know how to turn off your propane supply in case of an emergency or leak. If you’re not sure where your tank shutoff is located or how to operate it, let Butch’s Propane know and we’ll help you out!

2. Keep it outside

NEVER use outdoor propane equipment indoors. Appliances like propane grills, portable generators, and built-in pool water heaters are meant to be used outside because they inherently leak some propane gas into the air. Outside, the gas dissipates quickly and poses no threat to anyone. Inside, the gas leak can displace oxygen and cause suffocation. Of course, indoor propane equipment is specifically designed not to leak excess gas in this way.

3. Know your smells

On that note, should a leak occur inside due to equipment failure, know what to recognize; leaking propane gas has a distinctive smell that most find similar to the sulfuric stench of rotting eggs. If you’re concerned about a leak, get everyone out of the building immediately, shut off any outside supply switches you can, and call us or emergency services.

4. Maintain your monitors

Install carbon monoxide (CO) monitors in your home and make sure they stay functioning and with working batteries.

5. Storm preparedness

Even in summer, storms can pose a risk for power outages due to downed lines and more. If a severe storm is forecast, make sure you have enough propane to last a week. You’ll be insured against potential delivery delays in a disaster, and you can maintain your ability to cook food, if needed.

If a storm causes a pileup of debris around your propane tank, take great care while cleaning it up to avoid damaging your tank. If you’re concerned about your tank’s integrity, let Butch’s Propane know.

6. If you’re concerned your tank or any propane-fueled appliances have been damaged, let us know right away so our technicians can examine and repair any issues. Remember, if you shut off your propane at the tank, a licensed professional must restart the system according to legal safety standards.

Butch’s Propane is ready to keep your home and your family safe and fueled year-round, rain or shine, cold or hot. Call us at 605-857-1111 to learn more about our services provided and available service areas.

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