Using Propane for Commercial Vehicle Fleets in Fort Collins, CO

October 26, 2022

How Can Propane Be Used by Commercial Vehicle Fleets?

Propane is a high-quality, low-cost fuel with numerous applications. It’s known for its use as a rural residential power source in off-grid areas, as well as for its many commercial applications, ranging from farming to manufacturing. One area that has seen a significant increase in propane usage is the automotive industry.

Propane is a fantastic replacement for diesel as an alternative fuel for fleet vehicles. It can also be used in automotive repair facilities to provide energy to the many kinds of machinery used by commercial mechanics. At Butch’s Propane, we serve Fort Collins, CO, along with Loveland, Greely, Windsor, and Wellington, providing propane installation and propane refills at an unbeatable price. We also serve outside of Colorado. Find Butch’s Propane delivery by location.

What Makes Propane a Better Fuel Than Diesel?

One of the greatest benefits of converting to a propane-powered engine compared to a diesel engine is the higher performance of propane in cold temperatures. Fort Collins, CO and the entire Northern Colorado area depend on a carefully managed infrastructure in cold weather months, and having reliable delivery of commercial and retail products is an important part of that infrastructure.

The extra wear-and tear of rugged terrain and rapidly changing weather conditions can put more stress on fleet vehicles’ internal mechanisms. Propane is a great solution. Since propane is a lower-carbon fuel than diesel or gas, it puts less stress on an engine. This results in a prolonged operating life for the engine, decreasing your company’s spending on vehicle maintenance costs. Overall, vehicles powered by propane will give you a better ROI than ones powered by diesel.

Where Can I Get Propane?

Installing propane tanks is Butch’s specialty. You have the option of renting or buying a tank. If you choose renting a tank, your upfront cost will be lower. If you choose buying a tank it will reduce your monthly rate, as you’ll only be paying for refills. Find out which option is right for your business here.

Should I Convert My Commercial Vehicles to Propane?

The decision to exchange propane for your delivery fleet’s existing fuel source can seem like a daunting task. Fear not. Butch’s Propane can give you a clear understanding of how propane can fit into your existing business in the most cost-effective way—and we’ll always shoot straight about whether it’s going to cost you more to switch over.

The process to convert a truck’s engine to take propane is straightforward for an experienced mechanic, although it can be time consuming. It involves replacing several valves, injection jets, and tubes. However, Butch’s does not recommend attempting this on your own. You can cause serious damage to your engine if you make a mistake, and a damaged engine can require extensive repairs.

Instead, do your research on the options for various propane engine solutions, and speak with an automotive technician about the process for getting your delivery trucks set up to use propane as a less expensive fuel. This type of work will usually cost around $3000-7000 per engine, depending on the type of vehicle.

While you’re considering the benefits of establishing a propane-based delivery fleet, ask Butch’s Propane about the process for setting up a propane fueling station for your vehicles. It’s easy to install, connect, and begin servicing your trucks with cost-effective, reliable fuel. Just ask our highly qualified technicians!

What Kinds of Propane Engines Are There?

There are a couple of different engine types you might consider:

Bi-Fuel Engines – Some propane-operated vehicles have bi-fuel engines, which can utilize both gas and propane. This can be advantageous for several reasons. First, having more fuel storage and the option to switch between fuel types can allow your vehicle to ship a product farther without having to refuel. However, more fuel and bigger tank capacity also means your vehicle will weigh more, which affects fuel economy.
Propane-Optimized Engines – Other engines can be designed to use propane exclusively. Since propane has a higher octane rating compared to gas, it can be more efficient in engines built to handle its unique chemical properties. Propane’s octane rating means that it can be placed under higher compression, which allows it to work well in engines that have to do a significant amount of work to pull a heavy load. The catch is that those engines have to be specially designed to handle propane as a fuel.

Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll want to calculate the cost for hiring a mechanic to make the upgrades. You should also consider the cost for installing a propane fueling station if there isn’t one nearby. Butch’s can help you with installation and setup, and we’ll always beat the lowest prices in the area. Give us a call to learn whether establishing propane fuel for your commercial fleet is right for your business.

Choose Butch’s Propane for All Your Fuel Needs

Butch’s Propane has a rich history of supporting commercial and residential needs alike with propane fuel and power. Because each one of our clients has personal questions and concerns, we take a highly individualized approach to supporting your needs. We commit to you for the long-haul by establishing reliable service that will meet your propane needs. We’ll evaluate your situation to provide timely replacements, repairs, and refills. To top it off, our pricing will always be the most competitive in the region.

When you give us a call, you’ll connect with a real person on the other end of the line, and you’ll be greeted with friendly, professional answers to all of your questions. We’re proud to serve Fort Collins, CO, Greely, Loveland, Wellington, and Windsor. We look forward to earning your business.

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