Using Propane for Farming in Norfolk, NE and South Sioux City

October 31, 2022

Is Propane The Best Fuel for Agricultural Equipment?

Nebraska is one of the nation’s top agricultural producers for numerous harvests. The state is known for its corn production, but it also ranks in the top five states in the nation for producing many types of beans, including soybeans. Additionally, it is fifth in the country for beets, and it is a high producer of wheat. Nebraska also grows potatoes, peppers, watermelon, tomatoes, and fruits, along with many other crops.

With so much of the state’s infrastructure devoted to farming, Butch’s Propane has become exceedingly familiar with the need for fuel and energy within agriculture as an industry. We believe propane is the best fuel for most energy applications in agriculture thanks to its status as a low-cost, clean-burning fuel. Read below to learn about how our product can help provide a full range of services to any farm in Norfolk, NE, South Sioux City, Dakota City, Laurel, and Crofton.

What Are the Uses for Propane in Farming and Agriculture?

Propane can be used for a huge number of purposes in farming, with applications that range from taking care of crops to providing essential warmth for livestock. Here are some of the most common ways propane can save costs on your farm:

Heating – Propane can be used to power many kinds of heating systems. Propane improves heating in homes and worker quarters, thanks to its incredible efficiency as a clean-burning fuel. Propane can also heat agricultural structures like pens for pigs, cattle, and other livestock. Poultry facilities, barns, stables, and other facilities can be heated via propane systems in order to help lower operating costs. Additionally, greenhouses may run on propane furnaces, or they may apply propane to aid in plant production by dehumidifying air.
Generators – Many products of agriculture require thermal protection during cold weather periods. Lighting and appliances in the home also need power to function. A propane generator can save costs in areas where it’s difficult to get reliable energy.
Irrigation – Irrigation has come a long way over the years, now using large, sophisticated machinery to ensure even distribution of water across farmland. These machines sometimes run on diesel, but propane is more efficient, generating up to 300 horsepower in energy, at almost half the cost of diesel. Propane is a clean fuel, too, meaning it’s easier on the environment. Since it produces fewer carbon emissions, propane creates less of a breathability problem for local workers and residents.
Wind machines – Sometimes orchards use specialized devices to transfer warmer air toward plants. Propane works well with these machines as a toxin-free, low-emission fuel, protecting trees
Weeding – Propane flames can be used to help control weed growth. This eliminates the needs for herbicides that can be unhealthy for consumption. Propane is non-toxic, and it burns clean, so clearing out weeds using this fuel is highly efficient.
Grain drying – One of the most common uses of propane, the process of grain drying keeps numerous crops from rotting and spoiling. Grain dryers are massive machines that remove moisture from crops. Around 80 percent of grain dryers are fueled by propane. Butch’s Propane is one of South Sioux City’s and Norfolk’s most trustworthy suppliers of propane for grain drying.

What Are the Benefits to Using Propane as a Power Source in Farming?

There are many reasons that propane is a superior fuel to other sources of energy, especially when it comes to agricultural uses. Here are a few:

Cost savings – Propane is more efficient than other portable fuel sources, meaning it can get the job done at a lower cost. On top of that, Butch’s Propane offers the most competitive prices in the Norfolk region and beyond. If you’re ready to start spending less on power, our team can transfer your service in no time at all.
Fewer emissions – Propane is better for the environment and for the soil than other fuels. It burns clean and releases fewer gaseous byproducts into the air, making it healthier for plants, livestock, and the people who live and work on your farm.
Non-toxic – Propane is not harmful to crops, thanks to its nature as a clean fuel. In applications like grain drying, flame-based weeding, and irrigation, you never have to worry about fumes or by-products contaminating your crops.
Reliability – Butch’s Propane uses wireless remote propane tank monitoring, and we’ll notify you when it’s time for a propane refill. We’re also happy to work with you if you elect to self-monitor your propane levels. With no fees beyond making sure your tank is operating properly, our reliability can’t be beat.
American made – Propane is a byproduct of petroleum that is drawn right from the ground beneath our feet. You can rest assured that propane is a fuel that supports the U.S.A.

A Trustworthy Propane Rental Service

Butch’s Propane is proud to offer high-quality propane at an unbeatable price to farmers and rural homesteads, supplying your generators, irrigation engines, heating systems, weed control, and more. We serve South Sioux City, NE, along with Norfolk, Dakota City, Crofton, and Laurel, and we can’t wait to be your trusted fuel provider. Reach out today for a consultation.

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