What Does Propane Gas Smell Like? Propane Supply in Burns, WY

September 21, 2022

Can You Smell Propane Gas?

You know the smell we’re talking about: a distinct, unpleasant, rotten egg-like odor. What many people don’t know is that propane gas is actually odorless, and that it’s a special additive that causes the smell we associate with a dangerous gas leak. At Butch’s Propane we’re all about educating our clients on how to stay safe when working with propane. Read about what causes the smell of propane gas and what to do in the event of a leak. Call us today to learn how we support safe, convenient, and quality fuel for your home or business.

What Causes The Smell of Propane Gas?

Propane’s smell is often described variously as being similar to that of sulfur, rotting eggs, garlic, or boiled cabbage. The chemical compound ethanethiol, also called ethyl mercaptan, is added to propane and natural gas so that it’s easier to detect. This compound, similar to ones found in skunk spray, is deliberately strong so that you can know if a leak is detectable.

How to Handle Propane Gas Leak Repair

The best first line of defense for dealing with a gas leak is prevention and detection. You should never use outdoor gas equipment indoors, and carbon monoxide detectors should be active at all times wherever there’s natural gas or propane.

If you do smell the propane’s ethyl mercaptan scent, immediately turn off any open flames, extinguish lit cigarettes, and do not plug in or turn on any electrical appliances. Even lights and cell phones should be turned off, as these can potentially spark a fire or an explosion.

Our Burns, WY office is here to support you with all your propane needs, which includes making sure leaks are dealt with quickly. Call us as soon as you notice a leak, and we’ll arrive promptly to assess it. We’ll also take appropriate measures to repair the leak and ensure your safety.

Rely On Butch’s Propane for Safe Maintenance

A significant part of our service at your Burns, WY Butch’s Propane location includes safe and reliable refilling and maintenance of your propane tank. We’ll also help you with things like installation and finding the best-sized tank for your unique needs. Call us today to learn how we can be of service and you’ll be tankful you did!

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