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Propane is a is a great way to power your business.

Use propane the same way you’d use natural gas! Commercial customers can hook up propane to power their businesses.

Add Butch’s to the mix and get our commercial propane tank rental for top-notch quality. Possibilities are endless with propane!

You get all the benefits of a natural gas line, without the costs or difficulties that come with hooking up to a city gas grid.

It’s cleaner, green energy that is produced right here in America. Plus, Butch’s Propane provides refills for commercial propane tanks, so you’ll never run out.

Get your gas in gear with us
How can propane help power your business?

Read our list below to see all the ways Butch’s can service your needs.


Turn up the heat with propane-fueled workspaces: Office furnaces, Commercial kitchen appliances, Apartment water heaters and more!


Power your business with: Facility furnaces, Powering Fork-lifts and more!


Build a better future with: Temporary heating, Work trucks, Propane powered-equipment and more!

How does it work?

You can always BYOT (bring your own tank), but we will provide one if you don’t already have a tank installed.

If you want a new tank, you can choose from a 120 gallon to 1000 gallon tank, depending on your needs, and we will install it at your business. Need more than one tank? No problem!

Then, we will periodically refill and clean the tank to keep you fueled year-round

Depending on your level of service, we will either:

Use wireless OTO data monitors to closely watch the levels in your tank and will send a technician out to refill your tank at the appropriate times. Please contact us to have the monitor added to your phone free of charge!


Send you reminder that it might be time to refill, if you have chosen to self-monitor

We deliver propane in a way that is easy and reliable while demonstrating our commitment to top-notch service.

There are no other fees! We only charge for gas excluding sales tax, except if the tank runs empty or there is an interruption in service. We will perform a leak check to ensure the line is holding pressure as well as spray the fittings to ensure no other leaks on the tank are present, which costs a small fee.

Get your gas in gear with us

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